Our Products

Spout closures are considered the state of the art for consumer convenience on gable-top cartons for food. At Real-Cap we never stop at the standard. We ensure that every design element of our closures improves our customer's products.
Our closures are consumer-preferred for easy opening and closing, with threading that prevents spills and allows resealing. Internal tamper-evident features or external break bands add peace of mind without adding difficulty. Our closures provide the ability to seal, shake, and reseal without leaks. They help maintain the original freshness and flavor of the product, increase shelf life, and extend freshness.

The details are in the quality of the manufacturing. We offer spout closures for gable top packaging of different size and for various applications. Options such as customized colors or printed logo help identify and enhance your brand. We will work with you to custom-design a closure to your specific requirements, according to needed application and quantities.