RC-34T is a closure developed for post applied application in the filling line. It is applied after filling from the outside of the carton, or by special mandrel application.
It is sealed into position by hot air welding to the outer surface of the laminated paper board of the carton pack. Thus a highly durable sealing is achieved.
It is a preassembled three parts unit comprising a screw cap and a spout with an integrated cutter.

  • Market Category: FOOD MARKET
  • Market Segment: Carton (Milk / Beverages / Liquid dairy products)
  • Filling Technology: Aseptic / Cold
  • Resin: HDPE / PP
  • Spout Diameter: 28.7 mm
  • TE Type: Molded TE band
  • Capping: Screw
  • Sealing System: Bore seal
  • Height closure: 17.6 mm
  • Weight closure (±5%): 5.2 g
  • Color: At customer request