Committed to the highest standards

The Quality Assurance activity within production of components and products is regarded as the most important and valuable activity, intended to prevent any type of defect and detect all out-of-spec products in the earliest stage possible.

To achieve this task Real-Cap is using special machinery, inspection devices and features as well as highly educated and trained operators.

  • Visual checks- to detect any type of easy-to-see non conformity or difference among cavities.
  • Dimension measurements – within accuracy of +/- 0.01 mm.
  • Video inspection by cameras or laser gages – to check colours, defects, height deviations, etc.
  • Functional checks – to detect malfunction of the tamper-evident band, leakage, etc.
  • Microbiological sampling and testing – for products, packaging and even for the operators' hands.

Checks are performed with frequencies that match the lines output, some of them requiring complicated statistical calculations

Any type of inconsistency, even if within the specified tolerance is recorded and analyzed and all "quality-related-incidents" are monitored according to proper "correction action" procedures. Quality costs are also measured on a monthly basis and compared with the pre-agreed budget. Internal audits are performed with seriousness and care.

Equipment is calibrated and certified, and every manufacturing process is validated. All supplier procedures are strictly supervised to ensure that only the highest grade materials are used in our products.

Real-Cap is committed to strict standards to provide the consumer with unrivalled quality at competitive prices. We are not only providing quality products and materials, but also excellent customer service. Real-Cap has built a reputation for knowledge, expertise and excellent customer service with a quality system certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, BRC-IOP and HACCP.

Our dedication to quality in everything we do is uncompromising, and covers every stage of the development, production and marketing of our closures: from the supply of materials through manufacturing and approval by the strictest authorities in the SII and ISA.

With a global presence, we acknowledge that reliable and cost-effective distribution is critical to our customers’ ability to provide their end consumers with safe and effective products at the right time.